The Coastal Lake Assessment and Management (CLAM) Tool is a modelling approach that allows stakeholders to assess the social, economic and environmental trade-offs associated with development, remediation and use options for coastal lakes and estuaries. CLAM consists of a participatory process for model development as well as a set of software tools that are easily able to be reapplied to new situations. CLAM uses a Bayesian Network approach to model integration. CLAMs have been developed in conjunction with Local Councils, State Government Agency staff and Catchment Management Authorities.

In her previous position at ANU, Dr Kelly was project leader for the team that developed the CLAM tool and was responsible for the design of the tool as well as the CLAM commercialisation process. This involved training of numerous consultants in the CLAM approach. More information on the CLAM Tool can be found on www.clam.net.au

In conjunction with her research team, Dr Kelly has received several awards for the CLAM tool:

  • Stormwater Industry Award for Excellence in Stormwater Software Development with Cardno Willing and Hornsby Shore Council, 20 June 2007.
  • Environs - The Local Government Environment Network - receiving one of 6 silver awards in Outstanding Sustainability Partnerships as well as the gold award for Outstanding Sustainability Leadership with the Northern Rivers CMA, 11 September 2007.